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Excerpt of Susan Schneider's book "Unforgettable"

With a mention of the Chicago Playboy Club
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The Cutest Girl in Town

"I was the third generation to grow up in Leitchfield, Kentucky, which boasted a population of 12,000 in 1959.

"My future husband Fred was from Chicago. He had just completed his two-year stint in the U.S. Marines and took a short detour to visit relatives in Leitchfield. While there, he asked his cousin to introduce him to the 'cutest girl in town.' Lucky me, Fred was deposited right at the front door of my familyís timeless old two-story wood framed house on Main Street.

"Fred looked like a movie star. His coal black hair, combed back in a slick ducktail framed a commandingly beautiful face. He took my breath away and I would love him forever.

"Fred stayed at my house just long enough to pronounce, 'If this is the cutest girl, this town is really hurting.' After he left, I turned to my girlfriend who was standing by me and heard everything. Emphatically, I said to her, 'Iím going to marry him.' Her eyes became huge; she was speechless. I rushed by her and headed to the kitchen to tell my mother.

"She listened and kept stirring the pot on the stove while I told her that I met the guy I was going to marry. She asked the name of his relatives in Leitchfield then she wiped her hands and went to the phone and called them.

"Fredís aunt assured my mother that he came from a wonderful, reputable family. Once she hung up the phone, I hugged her and knew that she was supportive of me though concerned that I was so crazy over this guy.

"The next day, I called Fred. I was confident, which was odd since I had received the biggest snub Iíd ever had. Impulsively, I said, 'Youíre going to take me to the movies tonight, arenít you?' He stammered and then gave a weak yes. That night we went to Leitchfieldís only source of entertainment, the drive-in movie theater. As soon as we arrived, I asked him to put his arm around me. He slung his limp arm over my shoulders. I sat very still for a while and then I asked him to kiss me. His lips missed my cheek and landed on my ear. Then I said, 'Youíre going to marry me, arenít you?' Wearily he said, 'I guess so.'

"I was thrilled! Once he committed, I told him to take me home so I could tell my parents. When we arrived at my house, I jumped out of the car, saying I would let him know what day we were getting married. Then I rushed in and told my mother that I proposed and Fred said yes. He returned to his aunt and uncleís house and told them he was marrying me.

"Soon after my mother put together an amazing church wedding for us with quite a crowd from Leitchfield in attendance. I think everyone in Leitchfield wanted to see the stranger from the big city who had swept me off my feet.

"My future mother-in-law called before the wedding. She would not be able to attend but was looking forward to meeting me once we arrived in Chicago. Fredís younger sister then took the phone and told me Fred had a fan club in Chicago and that I would not be greeted warmly.

"Right after the wedding and a one-night honeymoon in a motel, we drove on to Chicago where we lived during our marriage of 15 years. I went to work as a Playboy Bunny at the Chicago Club after my two children were born. One of Fredís 'fan club' girls worked there and recognized me as the one who snared the-much-sought-after Fred from Chicago. I felt so superior when I met some of those swooning girls. They dismantled their fan club a month after we were married."

– written by Susan Schneider in her book, "Unforgettable"

Wedding photo of "The Cutest Girl in Town" and Fred

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