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Cubs Chicago Bachelor Party


It’s hard to think of a Chicago bachelor party more perfect than a night out in Wrigleyville. It has all the tenets of a perfect night out with the guys - sports, drinking, parties, and more sports. And drinking. And parties.

Anyways, Wrigleyville is known as the Chicago neighborhood that locals will judge you for being excited about, but everyone has a sloppy good drunk time there.

It all starts with a good game of ball.

Pre-game with a Cubs Game

Thanks to their recent World Series Win (and let’s be honest, a loyal fanbase that would never be accused as being “fair weather”), tickets to a Cubs game can get expensive if you decide to wait until the day of to buy them. To make the most of your Cubs game experience, the following tips can be helpful:

  • Find the best pricing on Cubs tickets using a ticket marketplace like StubHub. You’ll be able to compare pricing by section, and search by the number of people in your party. You can also use a marketplace like Stubhub to determine which games are the most popular (and expensive!). Bleachers tend to be the least expensive option.

  • For extra fun, check out the Cubs schedule for promotions and giveaways that include bobbleheads, fanny packs and sunglasses. Perfect bachelor party swag!

  • For a full experience, check out Wrigley Rooftop deals. They’re sure to cost more than a standard ticket, but are all-inclusive in terms of food and booze. Groupon has been known to offer specials from time to time.

  • If you don’t opt for a rooftop deal, you’ll be in charge of your drinking and dining experience at Wrigley Field. Luckily, there are a lot of fantastic dining options to choose from, including snacks from Pork and Mindy’s, craft hot dogs, and Giordano’s pizza.

  • Wrigley Field is a great place to drink an Old Style beer, but they’re currently ringing in at about $10/drink. Pace yourself to save money to go out in Wrigleyville, and to make sure you’re able to last the night!

  • Check out (and beware of) the "Trough" – Wrigley's urine dissipation system is a model of efficiency but if anything falls in there, it's gone forever, no matter how valuable...

Before the Cub’s Game

With a number of bars located in convenient close proximity to Wrigley Field, it's certainly worth getting your buzz on before entering the stadium. By doing this, you’ll reduce the number of overpriced beers you’ll have to buy in the stadium, while having fun taking in all that Wrigleyville has to offer.

Of course, the best pregame bar is Cubby Bear, located kiddie corner from Wrigley Field (1059 W. Addison). It’s here that you’ll find cheap beers and shots, occasionally a live entertainment act, and excited(/drunk) Cubs fans and their friends.

After the Cub’s Game

Depending on the time your game starts, you’ll either be day drinking or night drinking. Again, it’s important to pace yourself if you want to last through all the planned stops of the bachelor party, despite the hordes of wasted people around you. Depending on the people in your group, try to hit up as many of the following iconic Wrigleyville bars in the following list:

Murphy’s Bleachers

3655 N. Sheffield Ave

Assuming you’re good with crowds (you really have to be to enjoy Wrigleyville), upon your exit from Wrigley Field, head straight to Murphy’s Bleachers. This bar is located right outside of the field, and is perfect for fans that patronized the bleacher seats.


3540 N. Clark St

Sluggers is a sports bar in every sense of the word. Not only do they cater to patrons of nearby Wrigley Field in terms of their location and their collection of sports memorabilia on display, but they also provide fun sports-related activities that include batting cages, pool, and a number of other games like skeeball and air hockey. As if that weren’t enough, if you stop by on the right night, they also have dueling pianos taking requests.

Sports Corner Bar & Grill

952 W. Addison St

If you haven’t had enough of sports bars yet, make your way over to Sports Corner, which is also within spitting distance of Wrigley Field. Under the same management of The Cubby Bear and Wrigley Rooftops, it provides the perfect venue for fans getting their drink on before, after, or even during a Cub’s game.

John Barleycorn

3524 N. Clark St

This bar is best saved for the end of the night, as it’s known for playing host to the sloppiest of Wrigleyville’s party people. John Barleycorn has two floors of dancing and drinking, and plenty of ladies interested in meeting their drunk prince charming. The naughty nature of John Barleycorn should come as no surprise, as it was known to be a speakeasy in the past.

If you buy a copy of our book Historic Bars of Chicago ($12), you can get a Chicago Trolley $45 coupon that is more than 10% off for most rentals, and can help you get around Wrigleyville in style.

If you have better ideas for a pub crawl after a Cubs game, or want help planning an itinerary, email us. We can also help with booking private party rooms if you plan to stay in one location!

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