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Chicago Bachelorette Party Pub Crawl 2

With the big day coming up, it's time to celebrate her last days of singlehood? Where to begin?

Our suggestion: throw out any and all ideas involving strippers, rubber penises, Life Saver t-shirts, and scavenger hunts involving the acquisition of men's underwear. No good can come of these things. You want the bride-to-be to have a night to remember, fondly... That being said, we've listed some bachelorette party ideas designed to match your mood below.

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Need Help? Push the button

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*** This could be your bachelorette party ***
"You're my hero!!! My best friend's sister flaked out on planning her bachelorette party, and here I am doing it at the last minute! Thank you for posting this site!"
– Kelly
"Thank you so much for taking the time to create this website. I'm planning one for my cousin and I'm from Ohio, so I have no clue! everything you listed sounds exactly like what I was thinking."
– Cindy

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