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barTender(s) of the MOnth for October 2010

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Jen Carey & Katie Keller

of Uptown Lounge

W!: When do you work at Uptown Lounge?
Jen Carey: Sun 10pm-4am, Tues 4-10pm, Wed & Fri 4pm-4am, Sat 4pm-5am.
Katie Keller: Sun, Tues & Thur 4-10pm, Fri 4pm-4am, Sat 4pm-5am.

W!: What types of drinks do you like to create?
JC: I like to make drinks with the alcohol we are trying to get rid of that week! And of course Fun & Flirty Martinis!
KK: I'm on a Martini kick lately—Peaches 'N Cream (peach vodka, peach schnapps, fresh squeezed OJ, and whipped cream) and Jeremiah Weed Arnold Palmer.

W!: Where do you like to hang out when you aren't working?
JC: I love my bar & our customers so I'm usually hanging out here at Uptown Lounge or around the corner with my "boys" at Crew or Wild Pug!
KK: If I'm not at Uptown Lounge (even on my days off) then I meet up with friends at Estelle's (Wicker Park).

W!: Uptown Lounge has an Online Digital Rockolla Jukebox which can download any & all songs—what do you like to listen to?
JC: I'm a GLEEK so if you want to make me a happy happy girl then play the entire GLEE Soundtrack.
KK: If I had to choose just one song it would be PHOENIX 1901.

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