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Missed Connections

Here at the Chicago Bar Project, we realize that people have needs: alcohol, inexpensive pub grub, a good bit of conversation... and the satisfaction of contact with the human kind. We also realize that sometimes contact is made--perhaps only briefly--leaving at least one party craving something more. Thanks to the good people at The Reader, Craig's List and, most recently, Kizmeet, now there's a second chance for those who missed their connection. Because you have choices, the Chicago Bar Project attempts here to compare these missed connection services, so that you can make an informed decision on where to profess your love to the one you met at the bar last night or locked eyes with on the El platform...

  Chicago Reader Kizmeet – Chicago Craig's List – Chicago
Overall Ease of Use Low High Medium
Print Version Yes (every Thursday) No No
Searching Keyword search and date Venue type, actual venue, encounter date, posting date, any combination of men/women looking for men/women Keyword search and poster's age
Searching Ease of Use Low High Low
Posting Requires "Matches" account with six digit numeric code password and has to be reviewed before posting
(free but others only require an e-mail address)
Quick and easy, posted immediately Fairly easy but multiple steps, posted after e-mail confirmation
Posting Ease of Use Low High Medium
Photo Uploads Yes (occasional headshot) No Yes (usually a random pic)
User Forum No Yes – "Mouthing Off" No

Chicago Bar Project conclusion: while the Chicago Reader has been the most popular historically, Craig's List has more postings at the moment and Kizmeet's service is the best overall because of their website's ease of use and search by venue function. Of course, if you post a missed connection on one site and the potential love of your life checks out one of the others, you're screwed (and not in the way you want). Thus, you're just going to have to post on and check all three. Good luck, and remember: your best bet is to strike while the iron is hot!

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