We've amped things up around here and are looking for contributors in the form
          of a webmaster, photographers and writers, so click here if you're interested or if
          you know someone that could be a good match and loves Chicago bars.

          While you have been partying and having fun, we've been working our a**** off:

  • Blue Frog – boardgames, karaoke and cheap drinks underground
  • Streeter's Tavern – subterranean Santa pub crawls the "Pee & See"
  • Neo (Lincoln Park) – classic nightclub with immensely popular 80s Thursdays
  • Hala Kahiki (River Grove, IL) – tiki bar extraordinaire
  • Pops for Champagne (River North) – decadence and jazz
  • Gale Street Inn (Jefferson Park) – ribs, ribs, ribs... did I mention the ribs?
  • Pump Room (Gold Coast) – check out Booth One where all the celebs sit
  • Weegee's Lounge (Logan Square) – Bohemian chic and intriguing brews
  • Hotel Congress (Tucson, AZ) – where Dillinger holed up
  • Shinnick's Pub (Bridgeport) – keepin' it real with cheap beer and White Sox
  • Tufano's (Little Italy) – old-school Italian tavern, make sure to bring an appetite
  • Sluggers (Wrigleyville) – sports bar with dueling pianos and batting cages upstairs
  • Carol's Pub (Uptown) – the last country bar in town with Diamondback & karaoke
  • Steve's Lounge (Hegewisch) – the finest pub in this unknown corner of Chicago

           Hala Kahiki: tiki bar extraordinaire; it's in River Grove, so make it a
           Chicago Trolley night and maybe play a game of Where's the Cake?

           Chicago Bites? No it doesn't... wait, it's really Chicago Bites or two local girls
           doing restaurant review podcasts (100+ so far). In January, the Chicago Bar
           Project will team up with Chicago Bites for a restaurant & bar review.

           Watch for a Chicago Trolley pub crawl for the Chicago Bar Project faithful coming
           in the second half of February...

           Watch for more reviews of historic Chicago taverns in Pilsen, Pullman, Logan
           Square, and the best Chicago bars of 2008.

           A little further out: my book, Historic Chicago Taverns, a guide to the city's top 100
           best and most charismatic pubs, to be published by Lake Claremont Press in the
           first half of the year.