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In This Chicago Bar Project Newsletter

The "work" never ends here at Chicago Bar Project: see what happens behind the scenes with our Drinkers with a Writing Problem Blog, we're recruiting new writers to cover nightclubs and dive bars (we still need more), and we've been working on a new version of the Chicago Bar Project for your mobile device... If that weren't enough, we've assembled a comprehensive list of Certified Purveyors of the Miller High Life.

New Chicago Bar Project Reviews

    • Spyners Pub – Two words: lesbian karaoke. You heard me. Strange occurrences in Lincoln Square...
    • Yard – Wrigleyville dive bar, neighborhood hang, or both? Randy Kohl investigates...
    • Spin Nightclub – Our newest Drinker with a Writing Problem, Angie Berthelsen, has reviewed Spin and, more importantly, their Friday night shower contest.
    • Dugan's on Halsted – An Irish pub in Greektown? Oh, yes.
    • Kerryman Bar – A modern River North pub with a strip club, punk rocker and singing mobster past.

Chicago Bar of the Month

Looking to shoot some stick after work downtown? City Pool Hall is the place in River West, just across the from the Loop. Sure, there might be a few sharks swimming in these waters, but with City Pool Hall's super-clean appearance and pleasant atmosphere, it's more likely you'll make a friend than become someone's chum. Read more...

Coming Next Month on the Chicago Bar Project

A review of The Closet, updates on Mobile Chicago Bar Project and our upcoming book Historic Bars of Chicago. In the meantime, if you'd like to shoot as an idea or make a request, let us know.