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Cold enough for you yet? Check out the Chicago Bar Project's complete list of Chicago bars with fireplaces.

In case you noticed that Johnnie's Lounge on Lincoln has been closed, alert CBP reader Jason Mathews informed me that he fell and broke his neck, and has been laid up in Illinois Masonic Hospital for over a month. Let's hope his nurses are easy on the eyes...

New Chicago Bar Project Reviews

    • Rebel Bar & Grill – the best spot on Clark for Wrigleyville locals; try the "egg rolls"...
    • Kerryman – once O'Banion's now modern pub by day, thumpin' scene by night
    • O'Leary's Public House – River North's only neighborhood pub?
    • Citizen Bar – River North rooftop but is it worth a visit in cold weather?

Chicago Bar of the Month

If you love the Illini or watching Da Bears and experiencing "Cutler Bombs" (in more ways than one) or any other game via NFL Sunday Ticket, then Rebel Bar & Grill is the place when you're in Wrigleyville. Wednesdays bring trivia night, the food is a step above anything else in the Clark Street Booze Corridor, and remember to share that 60-ounce Mike Tyson Punch-Out or you may find yourself on the floor with your ear bitten off.

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