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Andersonville Chicago Pub Crawl

Andersonville Pub Crawl

Andersonville is Chicago's once predominantly Swedish neighborhood, where you'll still find some old Swedes intermixed with people from the Latin, Mediterranean and GLBT communities, which makes for one of the most eclectic neighborhoods in all of Chicago.

Note: This is a do-it-yourself crawl with eleven pubs listed here for completeness, which is probably more than anyone but only the heartiest of pub crawlers can handle, so feel free to customize each pub crawl to your abilities and tastes. Pubs on this crawl are located within walking distance and, but you may still want to hire Chicago Trolley if you want to travel further afield and bring your own beer! If you buy a copy of our book Historic Bars of Chicago ($12), you can get a $45 coupon that is more than 10% off for most rentals.

Chicago Trolley


Hopleaf Bar 5148 N. Clark St.

Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.

To book a trolley, contact Chicago
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(773) 648-5000 or

These are do-it-yourself pub crawls. The agenda is completely up to you.


Konak Pizza & Grill 5150 N. Clark St.


Simon's Tavern* 5210 N. Clark St.


Farragut's 5240 N. Clark St.


Acre 5308 N. Clark St.


Hamburger Mary's 5400 N. Clark St.
In Fine Spirits 5420 N. Clark St


Edgewater Lounge* 5600 N. Ashland Ave.


Ravenswood Pub 5455 N. Ravenswood Ave.


Joie de Vine 1744 W. Balmoral Ave.


Marty's Wine Bar 1511 W. Balmoral Ave.

Andersonville Chicago Pub Crawl Map

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